Why I think that Indian girls should travel more often, preferably solo !

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I know many Indian male or females will not prefer to accept this but it’s a fact that in our beloved country the males are always treated as superior at large and given all kinds of freedom whereas the females are bound with countless restrictions at every stage of their life. While travelling some parts of my country with every detail planned by my own, right from the flight tickets to local transportation, from extensive research for things to do and places to visit in the selected vacation since I don’t like to book agents for all practical reasons, from countering language problem specially in remote areas of South India to unwanted stares at many place I have encountered a whole lot of experience in last 4 years. And trust me these experiences are more worthwhile than the experiences I have gathered in my lifetime.

Based on that I can certainly say one thing that no matter what Indian girls should travel, out of the state, out of the country and preferably alone. I will say why.


  1.  Independence and Exposure are Priceless


Be it finding your way through an unknown city, asking strangers for help, taking a flight/train to a place off the beaten track – one need to be alert and on the feet to do all the time. Men naturally take charge of these situations on family holidays. It’s time to be independent and do the essentials on your own.  The entire planning process may be bit daunting, but exciting for sure! Slow down and reflect on your life and you just might discover where you want your life to be. Not only will you learn a great deal about yourself but you will also feel free; which one hardly feels in family vacations.




2.  Reinvent Yourself

All our life, we girls are weighed down by the “dont’s” and “do’s” of the society and a solo trip is the perfect opportunity to be yourself. Let all those inhibitions imposed by the Desi clan and the extended clan be far out of reach.

So many women today have very low self-esteem because they rarely get a say at anything. Traveling solo provides the confidence to make good decisions without having to please anyone. Experiment and Explore according to what you actually like.




3. Lose your fear

Admit it. The thought of wandering alone in an unknown city where you know nobody, sounds terrifying, but that’s okay. As women, we often over think and over plan instead of just letting things be. When we travel alone, it’s impossible to plan the small details, which is good, because it allows us to be a little scared of the unknown and drive us out of our comfort zones of typical male protection and be self-dependent for a while at least.



4. To prove the patriarchs wrong

The patriarchal society of which we are a part even today fails to view women as spontaneous risk takers, but rather consider us as fragile beings. When a woman travels alone, she shows the world that she is able to break out of her comfort zone to take initiative in engaging in new experiences.


5. For self validation

Nothing is more bad-ass than coming back from a trip knowing that you did it all by yourself. Trust me, nothing at all !


So, next time you plan a vacation, do it all by yourself. Life would be more rewarding. Have you ever taken solo trips? If you are from another country and is burdened by myths about the negative aspects of travelling to India then be sure you read this myth buster post


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