Time management

2 years ago kashyapeesays 0

Managing time in this era of constant hustle and bustle of life is a prime factor for a happy life. We often get so engrossed in our job that we forget our family, our hobbies, our likes and dislikes. We often forget to satisfy our soul. The end product is unsatisfied mind , stressed soul and heavy heart. Even amidst our busy schedules we can spare a few seconds of our life for ourselves. We can start small by bringing minute changes in our lives.

1) Ten minutes of alone time

Few minutes in a calm and composed environment, talking to the self is the biggest gift one can give himself/herself.

2) Keeping a diary

Maintaining a diary or a journal where one can bare their soul can be the greatest stress buster to a busy mind.

3) Engaging with nature

A brisk walk in the park or some moments in the private lawn/garden can refresh the mind as well as the soul.

4) Sitting with family

Communicating with the family over evening snacks or dinner / breakfast is easily the best way to have a healthy mind. Talk your issues and listen to theirs.

5) Catching up with friends

Friends are the greatest boon in one’s life. Never forget to catch up with the close pals weekly or fortnightly. Be yourself and let your wild side take you to a joyride.

With this little things one can make huge difference in their lives. Hope it helps. How do you manage your time ????