Exploring Kanyakumari, India

The ever bustling city of Kanyakumari inspires you to take up your travel plans and renders your imagination rich with a landscape of colors and sights. Its effervescent charm, cultural streets and undying aura captivates the minds of every traveler who reaches there. With a number of attractions to look forward to, this is one city that must be in your travel and explore list.… Read More Exploring Kanyakumari, India


Playing dressup

Dressing up is a favorite for most of the girls and a lot of guys too. We hardly let go any occasion without putting our best fashion games forward. They say “dress maketh a man”. But I believe it’s the confidence with which someone carries an attire counts more than the outfit itself. Then again a beautiful attire will make us more confident than a shabby misfitted one ! I guess it’s just a cycle then..… Read More Playing dressup



When the days are dark And the nights darker… He ain’t gonna come by He ain’t gonna soothe your soul!! There’s tough time fighting alone.. Tougher to just live and Not dies !! He’s deaf to all your cries. Still you can’t just die.. You ain’t gonna be broken By his sweet little lies.. You… Read More Broke