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Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara: Review

A mascara is my instant go to when I opt for a natural look or a no make up look. It gives an edge and some drama to the eyes and instantly opens up my otherwise short and thin lashes. Mascara takes the lashes to the heights of big drama, lift and look-at-me volume. I have been looking out to buy a mascara for quite some time now and looks like finally I have found one.

“Lashes: Big and Bold” is my motto when I go looking for a mascara.


The mascara comes in a cute packaging that any girl would fall in love with. The product claims “Dare to get the push-up effect! This creamy, plumping formula delivers instant volume and holds the curl in place while the Push Up Cup Brush scoops and lifts from root to tip. Lashes look lengthened for a dramatic eye look. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.”


It comes with a fairly basic straight line applicator that has sharp spiky bristles, more or less like a comb. It strokes through quickly and easily without smearing on my upper or lower lash line. The formula sets to a nice soft finish and I don’t feel my lashes were stiff or crunchy at all. Neither do I have any issues with flaking, smearing or smudging till now!

The pigmentation of the mascara is quite intense, giving that perfect jet black color. In terms of texture, it is slightly on the thicker and creamy side. The mascara is volumizing and also lifts up the lashes. The applicator wand helps to apply mascara easily on the lower eyelashes as well. It gives nice curling effect to the eyelashes even without using an eyelash curler. Two to three coats are good enough to give that dramatic effect to the eyes.


The lasting power of this mascara is around 6-7 hours, which is again great! However, removing the mascara is slightly difficult as it is a waterproof variant I use, but using a good eye makeup remover with an oil-based formula make the removal part easier and mess free. Also, one can always go for the non waterproof formula.

Pros of  Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara:

  1. Nice applicator
  2. Thick in texture
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Good pigmentation
  5. Shows up well in 2-3 coats
  6. Smudge-proof
  7. Curls up the eyelashes
  8. Adds volume to the lashes
  9. Never weighs down the eyelashes even upon layering
  10. Does not clump the eyelashes
  11. Lasts pretty long.

Cons of Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara:

  1. Removing this mascara is requires quite a ton of patience.


  1.  Makeup remover, as we all know. Make sure it is oil based formula.
  2.  Olive oil dipped in cotton ball.
  3.  Our very own Vaseline petroleum jelly, again with a cotton ball.
  4.  I even use baby oil sometimes.



  1.  Draw the Push Up Cup brush from root to tip of lashes.
  2. Repeat until desired lift and volume are achieved.
  3. Do not let the mascara dry in between coats.

So, what is your instatnt go to when you opt for those no make up look days ? Do share your preferences of mascara in the comments below. You can also read about choice of lipcolors here.

0 thoughts on “Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara: Review

          1. Oooh I can’t decide! I love the Rocket mascara and the manga lash, the colossal volume express was amazing for the first two months but dried out so quickly and looked so bad on my lashes afterwards 😭 when I repurchased the same thing happened so I decided it wasn’t worth it haha! Other than Maybelline I love the Clio Salon de Cara volume + curling mascara (Korean brand). It’s my holy grail mascara and actually makes my sparse bottom lashes look so good! The lifting and staying power is amazing. I’ve tried the benefit they’re real! mascara too, just a tiny sample and loved it but it’s so expensive I can’t justify repurchasing haha

          2. Hahaha definitely! I have a shopping list running up to nearly a hundred just by looking at all the lovely recommendations from beauty bloggers lol!
            It is really good and quite affordable too, it’s roughly 9 USD if I’m not wrong. But if you don’t live in Asia it might be more expensive getting it shipped. Depends on what your lashes are like tbh! I like focusing on length and lift since my eyelashes are quite dense, and this mascara is perfect for that. It has the best lift I’ve found so far 🙂 and lasts hours and hours

          3. If you can get the Clio mascara I would definitely recommend it! I bought it from my local Watsons health and beauty store in Singapore so I’m not sure if you guys stock it too. It helps with lift and curling so it would be suitable for you too! And it’s loads cheaper than benefit… Benefit mascara is a crazy $42

          4. Yeah I can get them online for sure !! I can write another review when I do. I hope it helps with my thin lashes. And yeah benefit mascara are crazily expensive. I won’t spend so much for mere 6 months 😂😂.

          5. Is it bad that my rocket mascara is still going strong after three years? 😂 I’ve never had an eye infection from it. It’s still wet for some reason and I’ve never added eyedrops or anything to it. I’ve thrown out the volume express three times in six months so who knows 😭 when it’s dried out, I chuck it, but not before

          6. Uhoh… It’s not a great choice to use a mascara for such long period. It’s should be changed every six months possibly…a year at the max. They tend to be infected easily. Be cautious please. Our eyes are very precious right ??

          7. Yeah we all have that I guess !! We hate throw things we love using !! I have heaps of clothes I can’t throw away. I guess you have the same feeling for makeup 😜😜
            Guilty pleasures !!!

          8. If it’s really dried out and gross I toss it immediately 😂 don’t worry 👌🏼 I wouldn’t risk it just to save a couple of bucks haha!

          9. But then again my Urban Decay Naked palettes are over two years old and damned if I’m chucking something out that cost me $80 each! 😂 over my dead body, my grandchildren will inherit them if I still haven’t hit pan

          10. Hahahah, actually different makeup products come with different shelf life. The eye makeup products with the shortest period for obvious reasons. I think I got my next blog topic. Stay tuned okay. I will write about the lifespan for all makeup products. Please do read 😂😂😂

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