Herbal or not !

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Hey lovely people out there ! Well , I have been absent from this space for quite sometime. I was at my sister’s place and busy playing with my lovely nephew. But like all good times that ended too and finally I am back home. Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend.

So during my visit I forgot to take few of my items from the makeup kit. Being the lazy person I am, I just used up my sister’s instead of buying them 😂. So there I chanced upon few herbal items (body lotion and face cream to be precise). I have always been a Lakme and L’oreal person ( I love herbs though 😝). So this was the first time I was using herbal products and my skin felt lovely. Few pimples I had disappeared and I felt great. That made me wonder if I was missing something huge by not letting the herbal products into my kitty. Also to blame numerous reviews where I read that those herbal products are hardly 100% herbal !( Am still unsure about that)

So there I was standing in front of my favorite drugstore scanning herbal products. It’s quite heartbreaking to ignore my love for Lakme and L’oreal though! I thought I should try with a moisturizer first. I got totally confused though. But based on the testers, I decided upon this Jovees Hydra moist intense moisturizer. I also picked up a Jovees hair serum as well (since my loreal one was almost exhausted).

Can’t wait to use both. Will write full reviews after I use for about a week. So stay tuned.

Also tell me if you have used any herbal products and suggest me some names in the comments section below.

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Love and luck till we meet again!!