Gone with the wind !

2 years ago kashyapeesays 0

​The stronger I stand

The harder I get hit

Words dipped in vengeance

Spear my soul apart !

I have nobody to blame

Except I ,me n myself

I have nobody to hate

Except my heart and soul !

They say I lost my heart to my ego

They say I lost my soul to my mincing words

They say I lost myself to hate

They say I lost myself to my callous!!

Only if I could​ tell thine heart​

All I did was to try keeping

My broken pieces of the heart in place

Sewn with ego, hate and callous!!

Only if I could tell thine heart

The strongest of my ego shelter

Weakest of my heart!! 

Broken heart and now a broken ego…

A broken soul whose wings got speared 

I crumbled to the dust 

Mixed with the soil

No longer I can stand up 

To say my heart was always thine !!