Frustration of unemployment

2 years ago kashyapeesays 0

Well we all have been unemployed during some part of our lives. We can relate to those daunting task of spending the 24 hours of a day when you have basically nothing to do except eat, sleep and repeat. And that’s where the frustration slowly creeps in.

First few weeks seem to be fun. It’s like a lovely holiday. Wake up late, eat whatever you like, watch television and sleep like anything. But well, the good days end soon and one starts to lose their peace of mind. Days seemingly become longer and nights even more with no sleep.

Few things which I believe can help a person to remain sane in such dire situations are quite easy and fun.

1. Work out

Nothing can be better than an early morning work out session. You are frustrated then go hit the gym. The day will definitely start on a positive note.

2. Invest in hobbies.

Invest all your idle time in hobbies. You like to dance, play guitar, read novels, gardening, sports … Basically anything and everything you love. You would learn a beautiful art or you would polish the one you already possess but either way you would be on the receiving end.

3. Catching up with friends and family.

With our busy schedules we hardly get any time to catch up with our friends… Specially the high school or cóllege friends. Or that aunt or cousin who stays in another town. Plan a lovely get together, have a hearty conversation and see all your frustration vanish into the air of freshness.

4. Travel

Well I just love traveling. It’s that activity which would enrich yoú…Physically as well as mentally. Traveling doesn’t always mean burning the pocket, we can always go backpacking and have the utmost fun in most unlikely places​. Go out and explore your region and you would fall in love with life again.

Signing off… K.