Fabulous 50 moment !

Wohoooo!! Finally I have achieved this small milestone of having 50 followers in my blog. Half century…Yayyyy… I can’t express how happy and grateful I feel right now. I know, I know it’s not such a big deal to shout out loud but yeah I feel so happy.


I was having this tough day with an exam to crack. This milestone came as an instant relief to my hard day. Thank you so much for following my blog , helping it take tiny steps from my love of writing secretly to publish the same in this public forum. I am glad you guys liked my work and chose to follow. Thanks a ton guys.


And for the record I must say this that ….woopp woooppp ….I did celebrate my achievement with a yummy fresh fruit black forest pastry. Have a great weekend everyone and keep the love coming …hugs and kisses !!


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