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Riding high on the success of The Shiva Trilogy, Amish Tripathy, the famously called Paulo Coelho of India is currently writing The Ramchandra Series. It is going to be a 5 or more books series. Two of this series are published and well accepted by readers. Before starting off, I believe it is slightly unfair for The Ram Chandra Series to be compared with The Shiva Trilogy as of now because The Shiva Trilogy is already complete whereas Ram Chandra Series is still in its early phase. The story of the main characters i.e. Ram, Sita and Ravana (the third book to be published in 2018) are slowly unfolding.

But, then again we find pleasure in reviewing things, products, books and movies (like we are assuming things about Padmavati, the film) ASAP so lemme just jump into the opportunity and do my bit !



Well, personally I have started reading his books only recently. And I was ecstatic to complete The Shiva Trilogy as soon as I received them as my birthday presents. Oh boy, for an agnostic person like me it was a matter of joy to finally correlate the socially established God’s as humanly as possible. In fact I even tried to persuade my mom to read his books. Ended up getting some good piece of lectures in return ! Anyway coming back to the topic, how I liked both the series till date!



The Shiva Trilogy as we all know by now depicts Shiva as human. His journey from this robust tribal man to the blue throated God or the Neelkanth, the Mahadev. For me, all the three books are a must read. Its quite different from what we have always read or heard since childhood. It provides a new insight , a new perspective, a small query in our rational minds, “ What if Shiva was actually a human?”.

The probable prospect of actually considering Shiva as human or even questioning the widely established notion is enough of a proof that Amish Tripathy has achieved a milestone with his books. Its indeed a delight, be it his literary narration,  or his successful attempt at bringing together Hindu Mythology with Indian Culture/History is extremely intriguing. Re interpreting the established mythological stories in a new way, a scientific way brought an element of surprise and excitement to the series. Amish, infact was able to live up to it in all the three parts.




After reading The Shiva Trilogy its natural of any book lover to jump in joy on the release of The Ramchandra Series. I was no different as well. Honestly I felt quite disappointed. Clearly, the element of surprise and excitement was not there. Rather it seems like reading Ramayana stories like we have had in our childhood. The expectation of reading a well blended mixture of mythology and science ends in vain.  Amish fails miserably in his narration of the same part of the story from different view points/diffrent characters( Ram and Sita till now). In fact it has turned out to be boring and repetitive throughout.

While Shiva was a strong, fun and relatable human character; Ram came out as rather boring. I found the plot rather thinly defined. The characters are also poorly outlined. On top of it, I think Sita came up as  a rather weak character than the depiction of Sati in The Shiva Trilogy. Above all, both the books from The Ramchandra Series seems to be rather excerpts from the Ramayana. They are bland and fail to entice our inquisitive minds.




Having said that, I believe the third installment would rather be interesting. Mainly because we are somewhat ignorant of Ravana’s side of the story in Ramayana. It would be interesting to see how Amish brings his character to life. So, the waiting game is still on. Hope Amish lives up to his former reputation in the forthcoming parts of The Ramchandra Series.


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