When the days are dark

And the nights darker…

He ain’t gonna come by

He ain’t gonna soothe your soul!!

There’s tough time fighting alone..

Tougher to just live and

Not dies !!

He’s deaf to all your cries.

Still you can’t just die..

You ain’t gonna be broken

By his sweet little lies..

You ain’t gonna be broken

By his other “extra” ties…

You just live to suffer..

While your emotions dries

And your heart slowly dies…

12 thoughts on “Broke

    1. “Each one teach one.” – In my opinion it’s important to tell the &#h0;2;trut8&#82212. The media told nothing about the whole culture, history, meaning and hadn’t asked if it’s okay to invent a term that isn’t from the culture itself. I can’t respect that name.

  1. In the movie Avengers there was a scene wherein Bruce Banner aka Hulk was told, “Now is a good time to get angry”. Banner replied, “That’s my secret, I am always angry”.

    Likewise, almost each one of is broke (even those who seem happy) and we stray away from the ultimate aim of “Being Happy”, that being said we always have to try for the ultimate aim…

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