Another milestone !

Amidst a long period of inactivity owing to my endless exams my baby blog has garnered 100 followers and I could not be happier! Thank you all for taking out time to read my posts and also leave some inspiring words.

Also I am planning a trip soon and shall keep updating my travelogues here. So don’t yet lose hopes on me. As I will bounce back to my cozy corner of WordPress in my laptop as soon as I finish my trip.

Once again, thank you because you make me believe on myself that yes, I am indeed worthy to be followed by few. Love and light to all.

Cheers…to bloggers and Blogging.

0 thoughts on “Another milestone !

          1. Ohh…Cancellation is so hard..especially emotionally. Its like you have already planned everything and dreamed about it in your head and now you have no where to go 😐 😐

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