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This article is for guys who want to gift something sweet as well as utilitarian to the woman they love…be it his friend, girlfriend, mother, sister etc. Not to forget also for the women who are all about self loving!

Honestly I find the idea of chocolates, balloons, cards etc kind of over done for gifting. I would surely suggest a nice thoughtful gift to go along with and trust me there’s nothing better than a gift that is useful.  Finding a present that speaks to your friend’s personal traits and interests is the most magical thing one can do. So, the next time you want to gift someone, pick out an item that they’ll really want and that you’ll actually want to watch them open up with joy. Here, I list down 5 type of women you have in your life and the perfect but unique and useful gift you can give them !!


1. The Social Butterfly

Social butterflies’ schedules must be filled with parties and outings. All the selfie times and texting for locations, they definitely need a handy backup for a quick recharge. A small, lightweight and portable power bank is extremely useful for that girl.

If your budget has no set limit then you can also gift her a makeup kit of the brand she uses ( and burn a hole in your pocket) for those innumerable party she is going to attend !!



2.The Artistic Queen

If your friend is a fountain of creativity and artistry, why not get her something that allows her to express herself ? Maybe she has been longing to share her secret recipes or her writing skills or her travel journal ? Or she is a crafty at heart who loves to DIY with scraps and wastes? The best gift is to nurture one’s gift and talents! Get her a website in her name so she can be in the cyber cloud with joy and excitement.

If the person you are gifting is really special to you then you can also gift her a hand painted painting or a handmade card/photo-frame with little effort. You know, the internet is full of easy DIY videos. Go get them.



3.The Window Shopper

Go find out her favorite shopping destination and get a gift card for her from that store !! Oh, how I wish somebody gift me that …



4.The Travel Guru/Adventure Freak

If you know someone who always travels smart and in-style? If she is the one you wanna gift then a handmade travel bag is made just for her. Handmade bags to protect all her gear in the rain, for overnight stays, long distance trains or flights or to jam her extra shawls, gadgets, beauty kits into one pack.



5.The Nature Lover

If she’s a nature lover and find solace in the lap of nature,  prefers hikes and treks more than shopping and makeup then you can never go wrong with gifting her a plant sapling. It’s a great gift not only for her but for mother nature also. Just imagine how lovely it would look after it grows and become a tree or give flowers and fruits !! Just the awww type of gift you know …



So, these are the type of women I could broadly categorize and suggested gifts ideas accordingly. What do you have to say ? Is there any other type of women in your life who doesn’t fit into any of these ? What do you want to be gifted ladies? Did I miss something here? Do tell me in the comments section below.


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