The Last Bumpy Flight !

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The morning starts with repacking, readjusting and reshuffling everything I had packed into my luggage. This is the 13th time I am doing this since last two days. I had just booked ticket for another vacation. The last one for this year. The city of dreams is what they call it; Amchi Mumbai.


Meanwhile let me boast of my travel adventures this year. I went to Kolkata and Digha in August. If you want(not like am forcing you) you can have a look at how my Digha trip was here. Also I went to Shillong few days back, a day trip with my school buds, of which you can read about here. Cheap thrills of self advertisement !


Checked my ticket confirmation mail and original IDs for the unknown no of time and finally sat on a ride to the airport.

The cab driver took his liberty to call me to the other side of the world to board his highly in demand cab. I, in pursuit of burning those extra calories my mom forced me to hog down for lunch ,oblige.

The trolley wheel gets stuck in sand more times than I repacked my stuff. I start breathing like a marathon runner in pursuit of moving ahead with the same. I curse the cab driver under my breath. Also myself for not cancelling the pesky driver.

Finally, after catching breath for the 3rd time I get to the cab. Phew! One hell of a journey itself.


Reached airport amidst constructions everywhere. Of course India is progressing and I show my full support to it by taking few deep breaths, inhaling the dust and continued dragging the luggage for check in.

With an extra sweet smile plastered over my face, I request for a window seat. Granted ! A cute puppy face always works you know πŸ˜‚

Extra long line awaits! Thankfully, there’s few perks of being a women in India amidst all those disadvantages. We have extra lines. Not that I support or advocate that (guilty as charged).

After letting few passengers with tiny babies and old grandmother’s in wheel chairs move ahead of me, I somehow manage to get to security check (ignore my lame attempts at showing off my social service).

A fellow woman warrior takes all her valuables in her wallet including the mobile and tries to keep it inside her underarms while going through security check. She refuses to let go and creates quite some scene before succumbing to the threats.

The security lady under her wrath checks me twice over in return.


The gate number changes as usual and I run from ground floor to first and back to ground. Also have an extremely overpriced cup of coffee to boost my morale.



Unlike normal, the flight is ahead of it’s time by 15 minutes. Mera desh badal raha hai….that advertisement plays in my head. Amen!

The routine things start. The flight attendant starts their safety instructions. The over self conscious air hostess, in the midst of her safety instructions ran towards me asking me to stop taking videos and switch off the phone.

Damn, I ain’t taking video. Before I could utter a word in my defense, she walks away.

I continue deleting pictures from my cellphone to make way for fresh memories.

The air hostess least amused by my continued smartphone use came running to me again. I had to finally show her the airplane mode to make her believe I ain’t another first time flyer trying to ignore safety advises. Finally! She leaves me at peace.


The kid at the back seat starts kicking my seat like I am his relative that he hates for pulling his cheeks. Even then I doze off. Probably due to the effect of the cough syrup I had.

Woke up to lip smacking aroma of Maggy devoured by a kid in the front seat. Yummm.


My fellow passenger took out his MacBook air to overview his business reports. I try to steal glances and dream of buying MacBook some day !

A cute baby (probably who can compete with the famous Taimur Ali Khan) keeps everyone around entertained with his ear to ear smile and giggles. His parents, irritated by our loving glances change their seats. Najar na lag Jaye!

This Indian things we do…


The kid eating Maggy now moves on to her parent’s mobile and start playing some racing game. Of course in full volume.
Discomfort to other passengers?? Eh she’s just a kid !


Rest of the flight remains uneventful as the air hostesses start collecting the disposables from the rich passengers who bought their food.

We, the poor spectators start writing this post for my blogging adventures. Life of a wannabe blogger you know !


P.S. Saw a celebrity singer travelling in the same flight. I ran after him like a kid runs for his favorite candy. Alas, he disappeared into thin air…


See you at the other end with Mumbai blogs. Till then keep reading and stay connected.